Post lockdown program – 1 week in Lanzarote, Canary Islands – Spain

As most of us are currently working from home and anyway there is right now nowhere we can safely go, it gives us time to think about what we will do after. We will start here this new categories about ideas for you trip post lockdown, inspired by our favorite trips from the past two years.

El Lago Verde - El Golfo, Lanzarote - Canary Islands
El Lago Verde – El Golfo, Lanzarote – Canary Islands

We went recently to Lanzarote. We wanted to see the sun, do some hikes and get a proper internet connection to be able to work efficiently remotely.
I was not expecting much as I did not know anybody who went there before and I already had in mind the mass tourism in Fuerteventura, the island next to Lanzarote, in summer, or in Santorini as we discovered in our 2 weeks in Greece in summer.
What a surprise when we landed to discover this volcanic, and sometimes desert island. The scenery was lunar, the sun was up and the light was beautiful – what a fantastic start for an early December!

On the road around Timanfaya National Park
On the road around Timanfaya National Park

Where to sleep in Lanzarote ?

I would say that it does not really matter where you sleep, if you rent a car you will be able to move around the island and go everywhere from the place you have chosen.
We decided to rent a bungalow for two on Airbnb. Our host was available, responsive and the place was perfect for a couple. We have found few restaurants nearby as well and a shop where to buy groceries.

On top of Caldera Blanca with a volcanos view
On top of Caldera Blanca with a volcanos view

How to travel to and within Lanzarote

Lanzarote island has a pretty big international airport. You can reach Lanzarote directly from many of the large European cities such as Paris, London, Madrid.

While in Lanzarote, the best way to travel around is by car. We rented one in the agency “Alamo” right at the airport and paid around 300€ for a week with a brand new car.

Many people also travel within Lanzarote by bike : you will find cyclist everywhere while you drive around the island. As the island is full of hills and volcanos, cycling is real sport there.

Useful information about Lanzarote

Timezone: Same time zone as the UK & Ireland – the timezone change by 1 hour between winter and summer.

💶Currency: Euro – Lanzarote and the other canary islands are part of Spain. It is pretty easy to use credit card or change cash anywhere on the island.

📣Language: Spanish

🚙Driving: people in Lanzarote drive on the right. The roads are in good condition and it is easy to drive around the island.

🔆Weather: Very good all year long. You can hike and be in t-shirt most of the time in December. Also very windy.

📱Internet: Good in the city and villages, pretty bad when in the wild. Do not expect to have an amazing 3G connection while hiking but it is definitely good enough to work in hotels or Airbnbs.

💁‍♂️Tipping: Optional, like in Spain tipping is always appreciated but not at all mandatory. Workers are paid wages by the restaurants and hotels and tipping is only a bonus. You can tip taxis, restaurants, bars and cafe but we recommend doing so only if you have above than average service.

🌎Surface: 845.94 km2. 10 times less than Corsica, roughly the same size as Tahiti or twice the size of Isle of Wight.

What to bring in Lanzarote ?

Not much is needed there, here is a short list though:

💧A water bottle. It will be very hot. Save plastic and bring your reusable own water bottle. François has found us the perfect one for hiking

🌞Sunscreen. Even in December, sun hits hard in Lanzarote.

🎩A hat. Hours hiking may get really hot without a hat.

💨A windbreaker. It was hot, almost everyday. One day, the wind was so tough we could feel the car moving on the road while driving ! And they had closed Manrique’s house due to the ongoing storm. Just be ready for some serious climate changes.

📲The App VisoRando (if you know the english equivalent please let us know!). We have started to use it in Greece, last September, and have found some great ideas for hiking to do on our weekends and holidays. There is a free version and the itineraries are always super well detailed with some great advices.

🥾Hiking shoes. This is a mandatory one, as the trails are not always well defined, it will be a lot of jumping, climbing on rocks. Take care of your knees and ankles

Where to eat in Lanzarote ?

La bodega de Uga (Carretera General De Uga, S/n | En la misma carretera general Arrecife-Playa Blanca LZ2, 35570 Uga, Lanzarote, Spain+34 928 83 01 47 – Open Mon-Sat 12:30pm-10pm) – Our most favorite ! Enjoy your lunch on the terrace, with fresh tuna and octopus with a local beer. Be aware, prices are higher than average places in Lanzarote, but it’s also much better.

Majo picon (C/ Miguel Lantigua, 1835560 Tinajo, Lanzarote +34 828 811 205) – An Italian chef cooking local and fresh foods, what a good recipe for delicious tapas, accompanied with great wine. The restaurant is quite small, it may be better to give them a call to make a reservation. More information about the restaurant here.

Not tested ones, but on our list for our next trip there:

La carmencita del Puerto. (Avenida de Las Playas | Maritimo Mall, 35510 Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, Spain+34 928 51 23 18) – For some large tapas cooked with fresh food and served with local wines. Service seems to be outstanding and all the tapas exceptional. Can it sound better than that ?
More information here

Bistro Arbol (Calle Timanfaya 2 | Centro Comercial Playa Blanca, 35510 Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote, Spain +34 928 51 03 03 – Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun 6pm – 10:00pm, Sat 1pm-10pm, Closed Thursday and Monday).- Vegetarian and vegan restaurant. The funky falafel and the hummus platter are some ideas to get you started !
More information here

Geria vineyard - Shot with drone MavicPro 2
Geria vineyard – Shot with drone MavicPro 2

What to do in Lanzarote ?

Go to the beach. Lanzarote has dozen of beautiful beaches to offer. Don’t miss them, even in December! The most courageous ones can even go for a swim, you would definitely not be the only one in the water.

Hike. That was the highlight of our trip there, we got to do so many beautiful hikes, and it gave us the chance to discover so many different scenery from Lanzarote. You can see in details our 4 favorites hikes in the next section.

Discover Manrique. An artist, an architect, Cesar Manrique is very famous around Lanzarote and is part of its soul. You can discover his work and life by visiting his foundation and house museum (if it gets stormy though, the house museum is closed!).

Drive around Timanfaya National Park. The visit itself does not have much interest. You will be on a bus with many other tourists, driving around the volcanos for 20 min. The audio guide could have been interesting but we were not able to hear anything as people were on the phone on the bus, yelling at each other and watching videos on their phone with maximum sound. However, leave the crowd behind, take your own car and drive around the Timanfaya National Park. This is breathtaking view and probably not comparable with anything you have seen so far !

Go to La Graciosa. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, we had to skip this one. It gives us a great reason to come back. It has been described to us as a pure and beautiful desert island.

Where to hike in Lanzarote ?

We did 4 hikes in Lanzarote, and we enjoyed all of them as they were pretty different!
As mentioned above, we use the app VisoRando to find some nice hiking trails around, with all the infirmation we need (how long it is, how hard, etc)

La Caldera Blanca – 10 km – 3h30. Starting in the lava field, you reach a dormant volcano and you climb on top to see its crater, with a sea view ! Don’t forget your water, it’s high and hot. Hiking shoes are highly recommended. We have seen many people on the way, it may be better to do this one not on weekends.

The Geria black valley hike – 8km – 3h30. A few hour hike on the volcano and around the vineyard. Get ready for some unexpected vineyard view. Climbing up on top of the volcano is the hardest part, but last only for 30/45 minutes. Hiking shoes recommend but not mandatory.

Islote del Mojon from El Golfo – 7,5km – 2h25. Trail on rocks but without any climbing. Perfect for sunset watching. Once you are tired, you can decide to go back, and have a well deserved beer in el Golfo ! Hiking shoes are very recommended, small rocks will hurt your ankles quite a lot.

Barrancos and wild beaches around Femes – 14km – 6h. Unfortunately, we did this one only partially as we started quite late in the afternoon. But it definitely worth it. It was very hot and hat and hiking shoes are highly recommended. Bring a lot of water as well.
You will see some astonishing and very rocky landscapes with nice beaches on the way.
Our advice: start very early in the morning and bring a picnic.

 During our hike in Barrancos valley
During our hike in Barrancos valley

The best mobile application for one week in Lanzarote

  • Google Map: if you drive, google map is definitely the best option there. Make sure you download the map offline (menu->offline map) as there is no network in some part of the island.
  • Visorando: find the best hike and track the path with the GPS. We used Visorando a lot while in Lanzarote as many of the beautiful hikes of the islands are on the app!
  • Wolfram Sun Exposure: if you are sensible to the sun, you will find Lanzarote pretty intense! We recommend you to track you sun exposure to keep you in a good shape while you travel the Canary. In December, the sun was already intense but this app can be a must-have if you plan to hike in summer!

We wish you a pleasant trip to Lanzarote if you choose to visit! The island is beautiful and is one of the perfect European winter destination for hiking or surfing. We loved our time spent in those lunar landscapes, exploring alone a destination that is still relatively untouched during the winter time.

  • Reply
    April 8, 2020 at 11:51 am

    This place looks amazing! Thank you for sharing, especially the pictures. I really want to hike here now. Those endless mountains look spectacular. <3

    • Reply
      Francois Lavie
      April 8, 2020 at 8:26 pm

      Thank you! Lanzarote landscape is incredible, it is really a place looking like another planet.
      I wish you all the best for when you will travel there!

  • Reply
    April 8, 2020 at 12:05 pm

    I’ve never been to Lanzarote before, it’s always been a place I wanted to go! This is a very informative post about the things you need and the pictures are lovely! Great post 🙂

    • Reply
      Francois Lavie
      April 8, 2020 at 8:26 pm

      Thank you! I wish you an amazing trip for when you will be able to visit Lanzarote!

  • Reply
    April 9, 2020 at 10:02 pm

    Lanzarote is such a beautiful place! I’ve been a couple of times but not for a few years! You have definitely inspired me to look at taking another trip there once we can travel again!

  • Reply
    April 10, 2020 at 11:52 am

    Looks like you did a lot of hiking in Lanzarote – I love it! Also the bungalow looks perfect for two ☺️

  • Reply
    Alexandra Wrigley
    April 14, 2020 at 11:36 am

    I’ve visited Lanzarote twice when I was young with my family and only seen the beach/hotel/beer drinking side. The photos you’ve shown and hikes you’ve shared sound/look spectacular. Considering how many flights there are from my home city Newcastle, I may just well go once this is all over. How cheap did you both find it?

    • Reply
      April 14, 2020 at 12:13 pm

      Hello Alexandra, thank you for your comment ! Once you are out of the beaches, Lanzarote really is an hidden gem, I would really advice you to go back to see this side for sure!
      It was very cheap compared to any other trip in Europe. Of course, we went there during winter so not high season, but for the car (140 euros for a week), the bungalow (440 euros, but we found some cheaper options on Airbnb) and the flight tickets (with EasyJet – 170 euros in total for two), it cost us 750 euros. Just add to that the groceries shopping and few restaurants (not very expensive either). And apart from the museum visits, the activities will not cost you anything. Definitely a good deal for a week!

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