How to shop like a parisienne

Alexandra has always been divided between two passions, travel and fashion! As we are travelling more and more with less and less things, and trying to  adopt responsible consumption habits to protect our environment, and to buy less but better. It’s a long path and we are only at the beginning, but here are our favorite addresses to buy more locally (French brands only), and sometimes even with a real purpose. Discover the best places to do shopping in Paris, for local and ethical fashion.


Colors, colors, colors and… originality! This small brand breaks all the codes and inspire you to buy in a more responsible way, as they are not following the trend but creating their own and their masterpiece, coming back again season after season.
The quality is good, the staff onsite is super kind and their instagram account is absolutely delightful. Follow them to get an idea, you will not be disappointed (and you will improve your french at the same time!).

Modetrotter – 28 bis Rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris

Des petits hauts

Much more classical, but for a timeless and cute (and not too expensive) style, Des petits hauts is a référence for a typical parisienne.

Des petits hauts – Many shops in France


The brand, created 10 years ago, plants a tree for each article bought. Today, more than 1,5 million trees have been planted, in more than 270 FAGUO forests. Their style is great, fresh, timeless and for men and women. You cannot miss this one, and you will plant some trees!

Faguo – Many shops in France and in Europe

Jimmy Fairly

We discovered Jimmy Fairly because we wanted some good looking corrective glasses not costing a kidney. At the end, if you add all the options, the glasses are still expensive, but the prices of a pair starts from 99 euros.
The big plus ? For each pair you bought, they donate a pair to someone in need. So far, they have given 400 000 pairs with their Buy One Give One program. Great reason to finally stop buying the same Ray-ban years after years!

Jimmy Fairly – Many shops in France and one in London


Sezane has became the absolute reference for each parisienne. Initially mostly sold online, you will find some real shops as well in big cities such as Paris, Lyon or Aix-en-Provence.
The prints are beautiful, the cuts of the pieces perfect, many of them are timeless. The only thing missing is a great intention behind the brand!

Sezane – Shops in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, New York and London

Girafon bleu

Girafon bleu is the first eco-responsible fashion brand that acts to protect giraffes – which are endangered, as for the past 30 years, their population has decreased by more than 40% – by donating a part of its profits to a association dedicated only to the giraffes protection. Items are for men and women, they have some great collaborations with artists from time to time and the giraffes on your t-shirt is super, super cute!

Girafon bleu – Online shop only for now.

Make my Lemonade

Very original brand – with a super nice and coffeeshop at Quai de Valmy.
The genius idea ? They sell fabrics and patterns in addition to more classic pieces, for you to make your own clothes!

Make my lemonade – 61 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris

Beauty corner


A super nice beauty shop… with some small / travel size to test a product before buying the full size. They have some green and bio corners as well.
A great idea for a gift. If you live in France, they also offer a monthly box to discover new great products every month, for 13,90 euros per month.

Birchbox – 17 rue montmartre Quartier Châtelet – Forum, Sortie Impasse Saint-Eustache, 75001 Paris


Founded by a pharmacist, Laboté made beauty products sur mesure, depending on your skin type, the issues you want to prevent and of course your perfume preferences.
Their pledge of Quality? Medicinal plants, paraben, silicone and preservative free.

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« Rdv le 11 🥰 ». Depuis 2 mois, votre soutien à travers vos mots, vos nombreuses commandes, vos encouragements donne une force incroyable à toute notre équipe et je n’ai pas assez de mots pour vous dire MERCI. Depuis le 13 mars, nous n’avons plus la possibilité de vous accueillir dans nos deux boutiques parisiennes mais nos liens n’ont jamais été aussi forts : les calendriers de Visio-consultations sont pleins sur plusieurs semaines , nos réseaux sociaux n’ont jamais été aussi dynamiques et nos newsletters aussi lues… vous êtes chaque jour plus nombreux à nous écrire pour nous confier vos problèmes de peaux et vos besoins, ou tout simplement témoigner votre amour pour nos formules 💕 Le 11 mai, bien que vous nous manquiez, nous avons pris la décision de ne pas rouvrir nos boutiques. Nous ouvrons plus de créneaux de visios mais les déplacements au laboratoire attendrons encore un peu… La production elle reprend à rythme normal (vos commandes devraient vous parvenir plus vite qu’annoncé 😉 et nous avons repensé notre organisation de travail pour garantir la sécurité de l’équipe. ⠀ Nous sommes convaincus que de cette épreuve vont émerger de profonds changements de consommation, de modes de vie… et nous avons hâte d’écrire ce chapitre avec vous. ⠀ Lucile Battail . . . . #skincare #skin #peau #cosmetiques #cosmetiquesnaturels #soinvisage #soinsnaturels #cleanbeauty #greenskincare #surmesure #vegan #crueltyfree #alademande #frais #clean #pharmacie #laboratoire #paris #officine #officinemoderne

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A brand founded about 2 years ago for wellness and beauty. New releases are coming every few months and so far everything Alexandra has discovered the brand when it had started and it has changed her life!
One thing not to miss ? The Mega Glow cure, for a full reset of your skin. One month (and only one needed to see results) for 75 euros

Don’t forget to bring back gifts !

Les raffineurs

Great, great shop for outstanding gift ideas. Prices can get a little high, but from deco to fashion you would find for sure a very stylish gift to bring back home.

Fleux Paris

A true repère de parisiens, in the heart of le Marais, you will find multiple Fleux shops. For kids toys, plants lovers, and the most crazy about deco among us, Fleux is definitely the place to go! Try to avoid it on weekends though, as it’s quite tight and crowded.

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    Mark Crone
    August 22, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    A very interesting summary of some very interesting products and brands. And it will be great to do an in person tour of Paris and experience theses brands first hand. Looking forward to a return trip to France and Paris in particular.

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    Planet Hopper Girl
    September 20, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    Wooohhhhh I have always been a French fashion lover, this is a great list of brands. I will keep this in mind for some purchases.

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      September 24, 2020 at 5:43 pm

      Thank you – we’ll add more soon to this page stay tuned 🙂

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