How to choose the perfect Airbnb when working remotely ?

We have started to be digital nomads when our company merged with another one, where the product team was 100% remote. This had given us the possibility to do what we love the most: travel for weeks, or months, and discover new places on weekends. Of course, you do not need to be 100% remote to be a digital nomad – working and travelling remotely from a week to a few months will also require a great accommodation!
We have listed here the first things we checked when choosing a place to work remotely. Settling in the perfect Airbnb is the first step of every of our great journeys!

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Alexandra, working remotely in Sweden, near Siljan lake
Alexandra, working remotely in Sweden, near Siljan lake

🕸 Check the internet speed!

Or even if there is any internet at all! You may not think of this first, when used to travel and work from big cities such as Paris or London, but when you will be in more remote places – such as Costa Rica – you better be ready, it’s not so common to have a great wifi everywhere!
The best ? Always contact the host before booking, explain you will be there for work and that you need a decent connexion which can handle video calls.
You can also check the comments, previous guests usually mentioned the wifi quality. And try to do the same when leaving a review, make your fellow digital nomads’ life easier!

🧹 Go for a decent space

No, renting the cheapest room you can find on Airbnb is probably not the best idea. You need to work efficiently, it is not about making the best deal on your first trip after high school. You will spend long hours in this space, choose it well. It will require space, but also need a proper table and chair. It may not seem very serious for your colleagues if they see you laying in bed because it was the only spot you could sit.

Ideally, the best place to work for a digital nomads are clean and tidy: it is easier to focus in quiet and organised place. On top of that, good lighting and on a quiet street will also help.

🏰 Select apartment with separated rooms

If your budget allows you to, find an apartment with a bedroom separated from the rest of the space. That is one of the first tip when working remotely: separate the spaces. Don’t work where your sleep or you will not separate your personal life from your professional life. A good alternative not to go for something too pricey ? Find an apartment with a separated bedroom and a large kitchen, with a table, which will be your working area.

In summer 2020, we worked from Saint-Cirq-Lapoppie castle.

🏟 Do not go too far from the city center

Even if it’s tempting to go a little further to save some money, don’t forget that you will work a full day, and that you should enjoy the city or the town at least in the evening, or sometimes even for lunch. Try to be in the city center, to go out for dinner after a tough day at work. That’s what we did in Athens, about a year ago. And what is best than a Michelin star dinner after a day of calls ?

Remember, when you spend your day working, having a café or a grocery store nearby is amazing!

🔐Choose a safe district for remote working

While it is often very fun and pleasant to stay in a popular area, it is often another story when you are a digital nomads. We travel together with François with a couple of MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhones (like every mac-addict) as well as our photography gears. We often end up selecting a more business area of a city to make sure to be in a safe place: we can therefore explore the city on week-end! Quite often, city center and more business-like district have the best internet setups and comfortable locations to work in.

🏅Find a way to exercice in your Airbnb

It may be different, depending on what you are used to, but always anticipate how you will exercise in this property. Is the living room large enough for you to follow your favorite yoga teacher online ? A park nearby for you to go for a run on your lunch break ? A fitness center in the building ?
Make sure you will not be stuck in a small flat, surrounded by nothing but buildings around, not allowing you to practice any physical activity. That would be a shame because what you need the most when working remotely is balance! The perfect Airbnb to work remotely should allow you to stay fit!

🕵️‍♀️ Read the reviews in full and do some research

While travelling with Airbnb, in vacation or in workation it is always extremely important to read the reviews. Hosts will rarely (except some) tell you about the downside of their locations: unstable wifis, unsafe area, loud bar downstair… Reading the reviews left by fellow travellers and the host answer will help determine how good is your accommodation option!

In the same manner, if you have doubt about the location, a quick search on Google Street view will give you a taste of the location. A nightclub, a bar or a local markets is rarely a very good direct neighbour for digital nomads. The perfect Airbnb to work remotely is quiet.

Tips – Before booking, you often do not have the exact address of the Airbnb listing you are checking. After booking, this address will be available and you can use it for further research. It is possible, on most Airbnb listings, to cancel within one hour for free after booking (grace period). Do not hesitate to do that if you are not satisfied with what you see!

🌎 Check outside Airbnb

While we travel – we end up booking on Airbnb only about half of the time: very often alternative websites offers cheaper or better options.

Our favourite bookings websites are:

If you are travelling to France, United-Kingdom, Dubai or Portugal – you can check directly with our company: – we are specialised on short-let and will be delighted to find you the perfect placet to stay with us!

Francois working remotely in Costa Rica before the Coronavirus crisis. The perfect Airbnb place for a digital nomads
François, working on the iPad Pro in Dominical, Costa Rica

🎳 Book a place with other digital nomads or remote workers

With François, we always travel together and so rarely feel lonely while travelling. For people who are whether solo-travelling or just more social than we are, occasionally booking a place with fellow workers can be a great idea. We did it a few times, and it enabled us to book more expensive and special places than if we were too.

Be careful – booking a place to work with other people can be pretty intense: make sure everyone is ready to spend some time working together and will respect rules required for everyone to work. It is often hard to live in a community, more so when people are working. The perfect Airbnb for working remotely may also be with or without other people, it’s up to you!

Checklist – Find the perfect Airbnb to work remotely

How to find the perfect Airbnb for working remotely

Not sure where to start your digital nomad first adventure or your first workation? We can recommend a few cities: Stockholm, a perfect place to start: very safe, but expensive. Costa Rica, definitely a perfect place for a digital nomad as it safe and a tropical paradise or Greece, for sun, culture and amazing food!

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