Guide for the perfect stay in the gorgeous Stockholm

When should I visit Stockholm

We were in Stockholm at the end of October to 2020, as part of our long 7 weeks trip to Sweden, and even if days are not very long (sun is going down around 4pm), we had a great stay and were able to enjoy the city almost at its best. The major issues we got were with the Coronavirus restrictions we will list below. However, even with those and because Sweden have limited restrictions, it is still possible to enjoy the city and make the most of your stay, and we will detail you how! Of course, if you visit, make sure to always follow travel safety recommendations and respect the locals.

What is the weather in Stockholm in October/November

Even if we have probably been a little lucky with the weather, here is what you should know about the weather at the end of September/beginning of November in Stockholm.

🧊 It’s not that cold! We had packed many winter and technic clothes (the same we were using in Iceland/on our ski holidays) but none of them were needed. We will detail in the section below what we would advice you to wear in Stockholm in November.

☀️ It’s sunny! Okay, not all day long, but we had some amazing sunny hours, especially at the beginning of the day. Be ready to wake up early to enjoy the city with its most beautiful colors!

🌧 It does not rain much. We got several small rains but none of us ended up completely wet, and it does not prevent you from walking around in the city.

❄️ It does not snow. It’s stil way too early in the early to expect some snow. The temperatures were between 4 and 15 degrees during the seven days we spent in the capitale.

The beautiful colors of fall in Stockholm
The beautiful colors of fall in Stockholm

What to wear in Stockholm in November

The list will not be as long as we expected before to get there.
The only two advices we will give you are the following:

Respect the rule of the 3 layers. Don’t wear anything too warm as any shops/museums/restaurants/hotels are very well heated and you will love to get rid of your coat and jumpers there. Any normal city clothes for winter are enough, we were wearing exactly the same clothes as the ones we are wearing in Paris during winter

Don’t forget your hat and gloves! Even if it’s not really needed during the day, at night it can get pretty cold (and the night starts very early, at 4PM, so you would probably still be wandering in the city). And have the head and the hands covered always make a difference.

Fall in Stockholm and boats
Fall in Stockholm and boats

What is closed in November in Stockholm

  • Gröna Lund, the oldest amusement park in the city center, open in 1883, in Stockholm is usually closed from Halloween until Spring. You can see some great artists there in open air as there is a big scene in the middle of the park. Definitely something we want to try when we will come back to Sweden, during Summer!
    For information, the entrance cost 140SEK and is included with the Stockholm Pass. However, the rides entrance are not included with the park entrance.
  • Boat tours of the Stockholm archipel
A Church of Stockholm
A Church of Stockholm

What is closed in Stockholm due to Covid

If you are lucky visit Stockholm after the coronavirus crisis, those places are definitely worth a visit:

  • Gröna Lund, mentioned just above, was closed during Summer 2020. We hope it will open again for Spring in 2021!
  • The Nobel Museum is closed for now until 5th of December. They plan to open the museum until the 20th of December, before a Christmas break, before opening again in 2nd of January 2021.
  • The Vasa Museum is closed from 30th of October 2020 to 19th of November 2020 for now.
  • The Nordic Museum is closed from 31st of October 2020 to 19th of November 2020 for now.
  • Skansen Open air museum is closed from 27th of November until an unreleased date.
Bench in Stockholm
Bench in Stockholm

What to do in Stockholm

Discover Gamla Stan, the Old town

Probably our favorite area in Stockholm! Very picturesque little town in the very city center. You should definitely spend few hours strolling in the narrow streets, full of colors, little shops and restaurants.
It’s a shame that the Nobel museum was closed at that time, but the museum is located in Gamla Stan, don’t miss it during your visit.

A cute café in Stockholm Gamla Stan
A cute café in Stockholm Gamla Stan
The street of Gamla Stan - Stockholm
The street of Gamla Stan – Stockholm
Leaves on the building - Stockholm
Leaves on the building – Stockholm

Wander in Kungsholmen island

Kungsholmen island is great for walking around. Start with having delicious – and cheap – sushis at Naked Sushi (Kungsholmsgatan 4A, 112 27 Stockholm – open from 12pm to 9pm), reach the Town Hall, then walk by the waterside on Norr Mälarstrand all the way until Rålambshovsparken. Have a drink, or a dinner with a view, at Boulebarstore Rålambshov.

Kungsholmen island - the bank
Kungsholmen island – the bank

Discover the very hype district of SoFo in Södermalm

One second favorite district in Stockholm: SoFo, in Södermalm, is a dynamic and trendy areas for younger peoples with many cafés to have a fika, restaurants, little design and clothing shops – including some amazing vintage ones – and great parks to walk around.
Don’t forget to have a look at Katarina kyrka, the Church of Catherine, and its surroundings. It was so beautiful with the Autumn colors!

Street of SoFo in Södermalm - Stockholm
Street of SoFo in Södermalm – Stockholm

Book a visit at the Fotografiska museum

The Fotografiska museum was one of our favourite museum of Stockholm and a must-go if you are interested by photography.

It called itself the words’ most open-museum, being opened every day of the week until 11pm! Even with coronavirus, it was one of the few museums of Stockholm to remain open – you just had to book your ticket online at a selected time-slot.

The Fotografiska offers amazing exhibition. The program keeps changing so you should check it on their website before visiting:

Visit Skansen, the open air museum

Located on Djurgården, the museum island, Skansen was the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden. It opened in 1891 and portray the way of life of the rural Sweden, before the industrial era.
If you are around, you should definitely go to Skansen, to discover the countryside of Sweden without leaving Stockholm. This is a great time to spend with kids as well.
Note that many indoor activities are closed due to Covid. However, it’s still worth it.
Be careful, it closes very early during Winter!

Prices: Child 4-15 yr70 and Adult160
10am-3pm everyday
+46-8-442 82 00

20 November 2020 – Update: Skansen open air museum will be closed from 27th of November. It’s the first time the museum closes in 129 years. The reopening date has not been released yet.

Discover the Swedish art at the National museum

Stroll in Kungliga Djurgården

The park in Djurgården is huge, and very beautiful. Don’t miss it if you want to enjoy a quiet moment in the city. If you are not too hungry but you feel like trying something original, have a lunch at Rosendals Trädgårdskafé, in the middle of the park.

View from Kungliga Djurgården
View from Kungliga Djurgården

Where to eat in Stockholm

Have the best pizza in town at Meno Male

If you are looking for a really good pizza, Meno Male is a place to go to! It has multiple restaurants in Stockholm, great products and lots of options. Pizzas are not cheap, but definitely worth it!

Discover the Swedish gastronomy in a Michelin star restaurant

It was… amazing! Probably one of the best dinner we had, ever! We would strongly recommend anyone who wish to discover the Swedish gastronomy and who is just a little into food to run at Agrikultur.
The place is very cosy, the service is great, and the price, let’s be honest, not even that expensive (apart from the wine, but that’s the thing here as alcohol is very taxed).
Don’t forget to book in advance, as it gets full quite quickly!

Tuesday – Saturday 17:00 – 00:00
Closed for Christmas Dec 21-Jan 12.
Roslagsgatan 43, 113 54 Stockholm
+46 (8) 15 02 02

Savor local tapas by the pier at Skroten Café & Skeppshandel

Located by the pier, a little scary to reach at night, the Skroten Café is a great place where to have dinner at Djurgården.
The waitress will detail the menu for you in a perfect English – as it’s not printed yet in English- and kindly advice you what is best to choose to have a great overview of the local products and gastronomy.
The local beers are excellent as well.

The Skroten Café & Skeppshandel
0703-80 80 80
Beckholmvägen 14, Stockholm

Skroten Café in Stockholm
Skroten Café in Stockholm

Enjoy a gourmet dinner at Mamma o. jag Bistro

For a romantic dinner in SoFo, our best address is Mamma o. jag Bistro, perfect to share few tapas with a glass of wine. Subdued lighting and friendly service to accompany a delicious food. Definitely a must go!
Very easy to call to book a table, English is spoken perfectly.

Mom and I Bistro – Wednesday – Saturday, at 15: 00–23: 00
Tjärhovsgatan 50, 116 28 Stockholm
08-511 067 51 –

Have a break at Kavalleriet

Conveniently located in the very center of Stockholm, Kavalleriet is perfect to have a break after a day strolling in the city. The atmosphere is very pleasant, the menu is not exhaustive but will delight you, especially the pizzas and the local IPA beers.

For opening hours check their Instagram account
Sibyllegatan 2 Stockholm, Sweden – 08-277272

Where to stay in Stockholm

Even if it was not ideal for us, as we would be working remotely in Stockholm, we went for a hotel instead of an Airbnb, because all the one we found were really expensive, not located in the center and not even that nice.
We have found online many options in hostels as well, much cheaper than hotel rooms.

Stay at the Hasselbacken

Because of the coronavirus, our original booking at the Pop Hotel got cancelled and they relocated us just across the street, at the Scandic Hasselbacken Hotel, for a room of same value.
The hotel was perfectly located, and we never took the public transportation as everything was at walkable distance. The breakfast was included, and great. The room was good, and everything was provided. The only items missing were a kettle and a coffee machine, but we really missed it mostly because we had to work for a few days in the room.

What to shop in Stockholm

Don’t miss the vintage shops

We always love to visit vintage shops while we are abroad, and Stockholm has not disappointed us! While wandering in Södermalm, you will find many vintage shops in the district, don’t hesitate to enter as you will find some stunning treasures.
Our best pick is POP Stockholm (Åsögatan 140, 116 24 Stockholm – 12pm to 5pm): it was hard not to buy everything. Many items available, for men and women.

Have a look at Designtorget

What would be Sweden without design ? Even if you do not to Designtorget to buy anything, you should at least have a look at the store! Unique and functional design for a decent price. That’s perfect to bring yourself a souvenir or for a gift, you will find plenty of ideas there.

Sergelgången 29, Stockholm

Where to find English books in Stockholm ?

Always good to know, if you have finished your book or forgotten to bring one (or a guide about Sweden, in our case), you can find many English books, but also boardgames and paper stationery, at Akademibokhandeln, with 3 big shops in the city center of Stockholm.

In conclusion, we have really loved Stockholm. We found a beautiful city, with friendly people, some amazing restaurants and an astonishing architectures. We have discovered it on a weird time, with the grey of the winter coming and all the restrictions related to the coronavirus, but we were very lucky with the weather and had the chance to enjoy Stockholm with its last autumnal colors. Definitely a coup de coeur, and we cannot wait to be back, probably during Summer! Although If you are looking for amazing weather in November, do not hesitate to check our article about Lanzarote for a post-lockdown cure!

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    Alexandra C.
    November 14, 2020 at 8:02 am

    Un de mes articles préférés ! Tellement complet, des photos magnifiques, j’avais envie de m’assoir au restaurant avec vous, prendre un bol d’air dans le parc à vos côtés, et aller shopper des vêtements en friperie 😍

  • Reply
    November 14, 2020 at 12:57 pm

    I can see Stockholm is amazing in Autumn 🙂 I was there in the middle of the Summer and it looks totally different with those fallen leaves❤

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    November 16, 2020 at 8:24 am

    Que de Lumière et de Couleurs, réchauffant pour le cœur!

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    wendy white
    November 17, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    I must admit that Stockholm wasn’t really on my radar until I read your post. The autumn colours are stunning abs I’d enjoy walking through the Old Town and eating one of those delicious pizzas. The IPA sounds good too.

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    November 17, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    Stockholm has always been high on my list. Thanks for this comprehensive overview! I’ll bookmark it for when we can get over there.

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    John Quinn
    November 17, 2020 at 3:11 pm

    Stockholm looks really wonderful. Definitely the place to go to avoid 2020. It’s gorgeous in autumn too. Those short days are tough, but we have them in Ireland now too. Oh well. Great call to move there.

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    Following the Rivera
    November 17, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    Great post on Stockholm guys. I really want to return soon, we only spend one day there. I want to see Kungsholmen Island and try Skroten Cafe; both are on my list.

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    November 18, 2020 at 4:21 am

    Stockholm is beautiful in Fall. Our favorite time of year for traveling is at the end of October.

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    November 18, 2020 at 6:19 pm

    Beautiful post! The photos are just absolutely stunning. It’s too bad many things have been closed. But it still looks like you’re enjoying yourself with food and the Fotografiska Museum 🙂

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