Costa Rica in 25 figures

Manuel Antonio National Park
View from Manuel Antonio National Park

Population: 5,078, 755 inhabitants

4 different species of monkeys

37 different species of snake (22 venomous)

More than 200 volcanos with 5 still actives

930 species of birds

27 national parks

1 official language – Spanish with 10% of the population speaking English

Year of independence: 1821 (without any fight)

1948 : Year of the army abolition. Costa Rica is now the only country in the World without an army

Life expectancy: 79,3 years old (to compare in France it is 82,2 years old)

2022 as Carbon neutral objective. Will be reached early in 2021.

99,9 % of the energy produced in Costa Rica is renewable.

Services represents 73,9% of the GDP per industry (followed by Industry (20,6%) and Agriculture (5,5%))

5% of the World biodiversity

3 million of tourists per year

Ranked 56th in the World for tourists arrival

11 hours direct flat from Paris to San Jose (the capitale)

2nd bananas exporter in the World (after Ecuador)

25% of Costa Rica are national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges

8% unemployment in 2017

1968 – The year Arenal volcano erupted, and it lasted until 2010. Before that, the volcano was inactive for 450 years.

20 000 US citizen live in Costa Rica. Many are retired and many have opened business there.

Indian tribes remaining in Costa Rica: 8 ethnies and 4 still talking their own language

300 000 species of insects

12 different climatic zones

The tag #costarica has 12 million posts on instagram

La Fortuna Waterfall - Hanging bridge
Hanging bridge in la Fortuna Waterfall reserve

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