Colombia – Bogotá

Exactly one year ago, we were in Colombia. First big and real trip with François, and we started it backpacking.

At that time, we had one broken rib and a turista from Paris, it was not starting really well, and we were leaving for 2 weeks.

Then… it was magical.

We did not stay long in big cities, we spent most of our time in the countryside and we travel a lot, lot by plane within the country. We changed our plans 10 times and 10 times again, we have seen so much more than we thought we would, and for what we have missed, we will come back.

First step – Bogotá

Less than 24 hours in Bogotá, we stayed at Zohar Hostel – I fell in love with the place before reaching Colombia, I could already feel the Colombian folklore and it was really a nice place – in la Candelaria, the historic center. We mostly wander around the old city and get some mental snapshots of life. One year later, I have kept a sweet memory of the city, lively and full of colors…

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