Visit Skaulo, Norrbottens län, in the Wild Swedish Lapland

Huskies ready to go dog-sledding!

After our 10 days road trip on the Baltic Sea, we wanted to stay remote from any big cities and do some more activities in the nature. That’s how we ended up staying in Skaulo, in Norrbottens län, in the middle of Swedish Lapland. The area was indeed very beautiful but the real highlight of our time there was our stay at the Tiny Lakeside Home we found…

Visit Sweden: Siljan lake and the Dalarna

Siljan lake

The Dalarna – Sweden’s heart Dalarna (meaning: valley, in Swedish) is an area of central Sweden. It is typically a holidays destination for the Swedish, many of them owning a secondary residence in this region. The region is rich in culture, being home for years for the famous Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson – Two Swedish painters famous for their painting of the Swedish countryside. It is often…