Remote Working

How to choose the perfect Airbnb when working remotely ?

We have started to be digital nomads when our company merged with another one, where the product team was 100% remote. This had given us the possibility to do what we love the most: travel for weeks, or months, and discover new places on weekends. Of course, you do not need to be 100% remote to be a digital nomad – working and travelling remotely from a week…

Working remotely during the Coronavirus crisis

Francois working remotely in Costa Rica before the Coronavirus crisis

As a digital nomad couple, our life is often about working remotely from beautiful and exotic places around the globe. However, since the Coronavirus crisis started, we are stuck at home with our family and their children and travelling has ceased to be an option for the coming weeks. Nevertheless, work is still remove, it is confined, the view is no longer the beaches of Costa Rica or…