Strange, fun and interesting facts about Italy

September 24, 2020

Italy is the Hottest place in Europe – at least for Geothermy! As of 2020, there is only 3 active volcanoes in Europe and they are all in Italy! The Vesuve near Napoli the Etna in Sicily and the Stromboli. The Etna is even one of the most active volcano in the world, erupting everyday since 2009. One of the most famous place of Italy is Pompéi. Destructed the 24 August 79 AD, the eruption covered it in at least…

Italy Weekend Getaways

A week-end in Turin, the first Capital of Italy

September 20, 2020

After our amazing week in Forte dei Marmi, we initially decided to visit the Dolomites. However and due to work obligation so we decided to head back to France but to stop twice on the way to Paris.Looking at the map, Turin looked ideal as a first stop, and after research on blogs and asking our Italian friends about it, we settled on visiting Turin for a few days. Surprisingly, we simply loved Turin! While we are usually not big…


Discover Forte dei Marmi – What to do in the Italian Saint-Tropez?

September 14, 2020
Street in Forte dei Marmi

The Italian Saint-Tropez, the Hamptons of Tuscany… come discover with us Forte dei Marmi! A friend of ours has invited us for a week in his villa in Tuscany, North Italy, at Forte dei Marmi, a town we only knew by reputation: famous Italian influencers and footballers usually spend their summer here!We went there in September, and even if it was much more quiet than in July or August, we had a fabulous time there! If you need to let…

Italy Weekend Getaways

Visit Italy – Our five favourite cities for an amazing holidays

May 27, 2020

Italy is one of our favourite country. We were lucky enough to visit it several times, but only once together, and it was to go to Naples, almost two years ago now. We cannot stop exploring Italy, so many treasures to see in this beautiful country, but we have decided to show you our five favorite cities (and, what a surprise, most famous ones) with every time one masterpiece and one book, movie or show to travel there in another…