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Emily in Paris – Reality of French Clichés in the fabulous Netflix show

October 13, 2020
Vineyard on Montmartre Hill

The French clichés in Emily in Paris Two weeks ago, Emily in Paris, the much awaited Netflix TV show, directed by Darren Star, has been released. You cannot have miss it, it’s being discussed everywhere. And Alexandra has binge watched it with her friends. At first, they were not really convinced, but let’s face it: it’s a very sweet and funny show, exactly what we need in this post lockdown times in France, and they loved it! And the clichés…

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Where to eat in Montmartre: best restaurants in the 18th – Paris

October 1, 2020

While the government had to restrict activities to prevent the coronavirus situation, it still possible to go to Restaurants in Paris, at least until 10pm (starting from Monday 28th September, for two weeks). More than ever, it is very important to support local businesses and restaurants, and this is why we have selected our favorite addresses in Montmartre. Delicious tartares at Alix et Mika, rue Lamarck When the restaurant opens, only few meters from our place, it took us quite…

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How to shop like a parisienne

August 18, 2020

Alexandra has always been divided between two passions, travel and fashion! As we are travelling more and more with less and less things, and trying to  adopt responsible consumption habits to protect our environment, and to buy less but better. It’s a long path and we are only at the beginning, but here are our favorite addresses to buy more locally (French brands only), and sometimes even with a real purpose. Discover the best places to do shopping in Paris, for…

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Week-end break – Fontainebleau and the majestuous Fontainebleau Forest

July 12, 2020
Forest of Fontainebleau

Alexandra’s family lives in the region of Fontainebleau named “Seine-et-Marne”, affectionately nicknamed “77” (to pronounce 7-7/set-set) by the locals. We have spent all our time there during lockdown and we enjoyed re-discovering one beautiful and more rural area of France. Fontainebleau offers a beautiful and majestuous castle: “The château de Fontainebleau” as well as a forest, full of hikes and diverse landscapes where we love to wander around. It is one of our favourite nature escape less than one hour…