Our favourite places to work as digital nomads

We have been travelling and working in a lot of different places in the past couple of years. As a digital nomads couple, we compiled a list of our best places to work as digital nomads in this page.

Our main criteria for that list are :

  • Lot of activities and nature around (it is possible to travel and work in any of the European capital – they are great but that list is dedicated to more remote places)
  • Good internet connection and safe to travel and have our computers and expensive items with us
  • Good food (after all, we are french and we won’t work well in a place where we can’t eat well!)
  • Not crowded with tourists, we do not think super-touristy place are the best places to work as digital nomads

We did not take into account prices, nightlife and any cultural activities to do in the area.

1 – Santa Teresa – Costa Rica

Located at the end of the Nicoya Peninsula, Santa Teresa is one of the surfer Paradise of Costa Rica. It has beautiful beaches, perfect waves for surfing, not too much tourists. However, it is also already very americanised : everyone speaks english, prices are in USD and everything makes you feel that you are in California, USA.

It is still one of the best place we had the chance to work in so far : the wifi was very good (optic fiber) and the location between the ocean, the beach and the jungle is still an hidden gem of South America.

Top activities to do in Santa Teresa beside working

  1. Surfing : Santa Teresa has some of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica with waves suitable for any surfer level, from beginner to expert.
  2. Yoga session : Santa Teresa is located in one of the world “blue zone” where people live the longest due to living healthy life. It is therefore not surprising that yoga is very popular and many classes are available near the beach.
  3. Relaxing at the beach
  4. Walk to the nearby waterfall of Montezuma
  5. Eat dinner at the bakery
  6. Visit Cabo Bianco natural reserve
  7. Watch a sunset

Where did we stay

In Santa Teresa, we rented an appartement on Zona Azul (https://www.zonaazul.cr/). The Wifi was perfect to work and very stable unlike in the other places we stayed in Costa Rica. The bedroom was extremely comfortable with the largest bed we ever had while travelling (Super King size). The bathroom also had 2 showers and was very spacious. Is is one of the best place we stayed as digital nomads.

Zona Azul is definitely the perfect apartment to have while working in Santa Teresa. We recommend getting in touch directly with them on their website (it is also available on booking.com).

Where to eat in Santa Teresa

  1. The bakery – our favorite place in Santa Teresa. While not a very local restaurant (the owner is Israeli), we were impressed by the ridiculously tasty and amazing breakfasts, the delicious coffees and even the meals. The pain-au-chocolat and the croissant are as good as in Paris (pretty rare) and the service is very accommodating and friendly. We also used their wifi quite a bit and it is definitely good enough to work there on the afternoon !
  2. TostoMetro : very good tacos and very nicely decorated. It is also a microbrewery doing amazing local beers. It is located in the main street, near the bakery.
  3. Bajo el Arbol : tapas in a romantic and quiet atmosphere. The food is excellent and the wines pretty good as well for Costa Rica. The only downside : the prices are very expensive for what you get, even for French standard we get more for our money in Paris.

How to get to Santa Teresa

To reach Santa Teresa, you have 2 options :

  1. Fly to San Jose then take a 8 hours bus. This option is relatively cheap (except the internal flight to San Jose)
  2. Fly to San Jose then connect to a local flight to Tambor. From Tambor, your hotel should be able to organise a pickup or take the bus to Santa Teresa

Discover our itinerary for our 3 weeks trip in Costa Rica and in particular our

Santa Teresa's beach in Costa Rica

2 – Milos – Greece

Milos is one of the many little greek island of the Cyclades. It is a volcanic islands – its main activity used to be sulfur mining – with a wild coastline filled with amazing beaches. Due to its mining past, Milos remains one of the less touristy island of the Cyclades but definitely one, if not the, most beautiful island of the archipelago.

Milos is a very easy place to work in, the wifi is great and the prices are very reasonable for a European country. It is definitely one of the best place to work as digital nomads.

Milos was our last stop in our 2 weeks trip in the Cyclades.

Top activities in Milos beside working

  • Rent a boat with Calypso boat rental and explore the wild and hidden beauty of the coast, inaccessible by car. You do not need a license to rent those, but you will definitely be more comfortable if you have one!
  • Relax on the spectacular white beaches of Sarakiniko
  • Rent an ATV for a day to explore the inner island and visit the abandoned mines of Milos – make sure the agency is safe (we did not and ended up at the hospital…)

Where did we stay in Milos

In Milos, we stayed in an Airbnb closed since – you should double check with the owner before to verify they have installed a good Wifi. Mobile connection in Milos is good enough to work with .

We would recommend picking a well rated apartment on booking.com.

[booking_product_helper shortname="milos map"]

How to get to Milos

The most common way to reach Milos is to arrive by plane to Athens, and take a ferry from Piraeus port to Milos. The ferry is about 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Where to eat in Milos

  • Kivotos ton Gefseon : this place offers traditional and very tasty Greek recipes. You can seat wether inside or in a beautiful garden and enjoy a fine and delicious dinner.
  • Medusa : by the sea, enjoy delicious mezze, such as our personal favorite the grilled calamary, It is also a traditional Greek taverna with very friendly staff
  • Gialos : Excellent restaurant with greek traditional food as well. The menu is quite original and the food delicious.
A stormy sunset over Milos island
A stormy sunset over Milos island

3 – Brest – Brittany – France

We decided to go to Brest almost overnight to escape one of the many and regular heatwaves striking France. We did not have very high expectation about the city but it turned out that in our opinion, Brittany is now one the best place to work as digital nomads.

We do not know what we liked most about Brittany : its quiet beaches with turquoise waters, the magic architecture of its small villages and castles or its seafood restaurants.

Top activities to do in Brest and in Brittany beside working

  • Kayak in the “rade de Brest”, a beautiful and very large bay opened on the Atlantic Ocean
  • Visit the nearby beaches of Moulin Blanc or Dellec
  • Hike on the “Chemin des douaniers”, one of the most beautiful trail of France
  • Visit the Natural park of Armorique
  • Rent a boat and visit one of many islands of Brittany

Where did we stay in Brest

In Brest, we rented an Airbnb. The rental prices in Brest are not very high compared to many other French city and the offer is full of pretty large and comfortable flats.

How to get to Brest and Brittany

The 2 main options to go to Brest from Paris are by train or by car.

We do not recommend to work from Brest if you do not have a car while you are staying there. While Brest is a very good city to work in, you won’t be able to fully enjoy Brittany if you cannot travel to beaches or little villages around Brest.

Brittany from above - drone video july 2019

4 – Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and often also called the capital of Scandinavia as it i the biggest city of the region. Stockholm is a beautiful city, full of charms. It is located in Stockholm archipelago, a cluster of over 30,000 islands – most of them only a few minutes away from Stockholm!

We fell in love with Stockholm: amazing food, friendly people, swedish lifestyle… and a city where you feel safe almost everywhere even when it get dark! The only downside: it is an expensive city, and it get dark quickly in winter.

Top activities to do in Stockholm beside working

  • Take a boat and visit one of the numerous island of Stockholm Archipelago
  • Enjoy one of the many restaurants of Stockholm
  • Visit the Fotografika Museum, one of our favourite museum about photography
  • Enjoy one of the natural park just nearby Stockholm

5 – South-West, France

The biggest – and most famous – city around is Bordeaux, 2 hours by train from Paris. An international airport is also located few kilmeters away from the city, and Bordeaux is a perfect stop for a road trip on the way to Spain and/or Portugal.
From there, it will be hard to choose. The basque country is splendid, but will be a little boring during winter season. Perfect timing to spend few weeks in Bordeaux!

Top activities to do in the South-West of France beside working

  • Learn how to surf in Biarritz
  • Rent a boat in the Bassin d’Arcachon to discover the beautiful banc d’Arguin, Ile aux Oiseaux and Cap Ferret
  • Hike around the Dune of Pilat, the highest dune in Europe
  • Taste some amazing wines and visit Saint-Émilion
  • Visit Bordeaux and try as many restaurants as you can there

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