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Lifestyle Paris and its vicinity

Emily in Paris – Reality of French Clichés in the fabulous Netflix show

October 13, 2020
Vineyard on Montmartre Hill

The French clichés in Emily in Paris Two weeks ago, Emily in Paris, the much awaited Netflix TV show, directed by Darren Star, has been released. You cannot have miss it, it’s being discussed everywhere. And Alexandra has binge watched it with her friends. At first, they were not really convinced, but let’s face it: it’s a very sweet and funny show, exactly what we need in this post lockdown times in France, and they loved it! And the clichés…

France Paris and its vicinity

Where to eat in Montmartre: best restaurants in the 18th – Paris

October 1, 2020

While the government had to restrict activities to prevent the coronavirus situation, it still possible to go to Restaurants in Paris, at least until 10pm (starting from Monday 28th September, for two weeks). More than ever, it is very important to support local businesses and restaurants, and this is why we have selected our favorite addresses in Montmartre. Delicious tartares at Alix et Mika, rue Lamarck When the restaurant opens, only few meters from our place, it took us quite…

Italy Weekend Getaways

A week-end in Turin, the first Capital of Italy

September 20, 2020

After our amazing week in Forte dei Marmi, we initially decided to visit the Dolomites. However and due to work obligation so we decided to head back to France but to stop twice on the way to Paris.Looking at the map, Turin looked ideal as a first stop, and after research on blogs and asking our Italian friends about it, we settled on visiting Turin for a few days. Surprisingly, we simply loved Turin! While we are usually not big…


Discover Forte dei Marmi – What to do in the Italian Saint-Tropez?

September 14, 2020
Street in Forte dei Marmi

The Italian Saint-Tropez, the Hamptons of Tuscany… come discover with us Forte dei Marmi! A friend of ours has invited us for a week in his villa in Tuscany, North Italy, at Forte dei Marmi, a town we only knew by reputation: famous Italian influencers and footballers usually spend their summer here!We went there in September, and even if it was much more quiet than in July or August, we had a fabulous time there! If you need to let…

France Lifestyle Paris and its vicinity

How to shop like a parisienne

August 18, 2020

Alexandra has always been divided between two passions, travel and fashion! As we are travelling more and more with less and less things, and trying to  adopt responsible consumption habits to protect our environment, and to buy less but better. It’s a long path and we are only at the beginning, but here are our favorite addresses to buy more locally (French brands only), and sometimes even with a real purpose. Discover the best places to do shopping in Paris, for…

Aquitaine France South of France

Our favourite things to do in the Basque Country – France

August 3, 2020
View over Guéthary

This summer, we are travelling in France exclusively with the Coronavirus! After visiting Lyon and Bordeaux, we headed out for the Basque Country (Pays Basque) to spend our first week in the sunny and wild beaches of South West France with some friends. It is a region of picturesque villages and cities, offering beautiful white beaches and perfect surfers spot. We loved our holidays there, and recommend it to everyone looking for a family or friends beach holidays destination in…

Alps France Weekend Getaways

A week-end in Annecy

June 26, 2020
Canal Vassé in Annecy

Tired of visiting Paris in France ? Not a big fan of big cities such as Marseille or Lyon ? We have found the perfect alternative – a week-end in Annecy – between a small town with an astonishing emerald lake view and nature all around the area with absolutely gorgeous mountains view and escapades in Rhône-Alpes. How to go to Annecy Go to Annecy by Train Annecy is very easy to access by train. You have: TGV (high-speed train)…

Italy Weekend Getaways

Visit Italy – Our five favourite cities for an amazing holidays

May 27, 2020

Italy is one of our favourite country. We were lucky enough to visit it several times, but only once together, and it was to go to Naples, almost two years ago now. We cannot stop exploring Italy, so many treasures to see in this beautiful country, but we have decided to show you our five favorite cities (and, what a surprise, most famous ones) with every time one masterpiece and one book, movie or show to travel there in another…

Aquitaine France Weekend Getaways

Week-end in the Bay of Arcachon

May 18, 2020

“Le bassin” as connoisseurs calls it, is located only 1 hour away from Bordeaux, is a bay on the Atlantic Ocean. Very famous for the Great Dune of Pilat, Arcachon bay has many other treasures to offer. We have spent many summers there and we will gladly share with you Arcachon’s secrets and (not so) hidden gems! Where to sleep in Arcachon bay? This one will really depends on what you are looking for and… you budget. Arcachon bay is…

Netherlands Weekend Getaways

Romantic week-end getaway: Amsterdam

May 4, 2020
Amsterdam - The city of bikes

Together, we already went twice for a romantic week-end in Amsterdam. It is a vibrant city and we loved our visit every time. And no, it’s not only about party and weed, but architecture, gastronomy and art (okay, and bicycles). One of our favourite city in Europe so far, more intimate than London or Paris but still with a strong cultural richness. You will love it rain or shine (but make sure to always bring a jumper), may you stay…