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Alps France Weekend Getaways

A week-end in Annecy

June 26, 2020
Canal Vassé in Annecy

Tired of visiting Paris in France ? Not a big fan of big cities such as Marseille or Lyon ? We have found the perfect alternative – a week-end in Annecy – between a small town with an astonishing emerald lake view and nature all around the area with absolutely gorgeous mountains view and escapades in Rhône-Alpes. How to go to Annecy Go to Annecy by Train Annecy is very easy to access by train. You have: TGV (high-speed train)…

Aquitaine France Weekend Getaways

Week-end in the Bay of Arcachon

May 18, 2020

“Le bassin” as connoisseurs calls it, is located only 1 hour away from Bordeaux, is a bay on the Atlantic Ocean. Very famous for the Great Dune of Pilat, Arcachon bay has many other treasures to offer. We have spent many summers there and we will gladly share with you Arcachon’s secrets and (not so) hidden gems! Where to sleep in Arcachon bay? This one will really depends on what you are looking for and… you budget. Arcachon bay is…

Netherlands Weekend Getaways

Week-end getaway: Amsterdam

May 4, 2020
Amsterdam - The city of bikes

Together, we already went twice for a week-end in Amsterdam. It is a vibrant city and we loved our visit every time. And no, it’s not only about party and weed, but architecture, gastronomy and art (okay, and bicycles). One of our favourite city in Europe so far, more intimate than London or Paris but still with a strong cultural richness. You will love it rain or shine (but make sure to always bring a jumper), may you stay away…

France Languedoc Weekend Getaways

Week-end getaway: Carcassonne in South of France

April 22, 2020
Carcassonne Medieval City and its vineyards

One year ago, between few days in Arcachon and few more days in the Drôme (South of France), we decided to stop on the way to visit Carcassonne. What a genius idea it was! We had a splendid week-end there. We hope you will get the chance to see this beautiful and unique medieval city too. Where to sleep in Carcassonne ? It really depends on your budget of course, but we would advice to sleep at the Hotel du…

France Normandy Weekend Getaways

A week-end in Trouville-Deauville, Normandy, France

April 16, 2020
Wave in Deauville beach (drone photo)

Alexandra has spent part of every summers of her entire life in Trouville-Deauville. Unsurprisingly, it is one of her favorite place in the World, and in our opinion an amazing place to spend a week-end away from Paris. Trouville is more an old fishing village but is getting more and more trendy every year. On the other hand, Deauville is fancy, full of luxury shops and cars, and nicknamed the « XXIe arrondissement » of Paris. It is two very different vibes…


Post lockdown program – 1 week in Lanzarote, Canary Islands – Spain

April 8, 2020

As most of us are currently working from home and anyway there is right now nowhere we can safely go, it gives us time to think about what we will do after. We will start here this new categories about ideas for you trip post lockdown, inspired by our favorite trips from the past two years. We went recently to Lanzarote. We wanted to see the sun, do some hikes and get a proper internet connection to be able to…


How to stay busy at home during the corona virus

April 1, 2020
Drawing by the pool

⏰Set a routine as a reference, but it’s okay if you don’t respect it everyday. It’s a stressful time, make it to help you daily, not to pressure you more. Live it as a day travelling. You have plans, but you may end up doing something totally different from what was planned, that’s part of the game. Myself, I have set up to wake up everyday at 7:30am and to read in bed until 8:30am in the morning. Sometimes I…

Costa Rica

10 fun facts about Costa Rica

March 22, 2020
Manuel Antonio National Park

We fell in love with Costa Rica, and we have tried to understand the people and the country. We have summarised some key (and fun) facts here ! “Pura vida!” We were not exactly sure at first what does this expression means, as we found out it : only and many positive things: hello, thank you, you are welcome, nice to meet you, goodbye, I am good, … After few weeks of hearing it, we even started to use it…

Costa Rica

Our fifth and sixth stop in Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio National Park & Dominical

March 20, 2020
Manuel Antonio National Park main trail

After Santa Teresa, we went to Manuel Antonio, where is located the eponymous national park, one of the most famous and most visited park in Costa Rica and South America. We spent 2 days there before heading to Dominical for two more nights. Where to sleep in Manuel Antonio Millenium Hostel Manuel Antonio – a confortable hostel with different rooms for all budget: dormitory, double rooms and family rooms (up to 4 people). The staff is friendly and helpful, the…

Costa Rica

Our third stop: Monteverde National Park – Cloud Forest Reserve

March 13, 2020

Next, Monteverde national park and its cloud forest: humid, windy and cold, but very beautiful. Even more than anywhere else in Costa Rica, we have seen green everywhere, and it was incredible. We have stayed at the hotel Claro de Luna: a peaceful place with luxurious vegetation, kind staff and very good breakfast ! We stayed 2 nights there, it was the perfect duration to visit Monteverde. Half a day at the Monteverde Extremo Park We spent our first afternoon…