About us

We are a tech couple, currently working at GuestReady, building our Property management software (PMS) together.
We used to live in Paris, but since the first lockdown in France, we have left the big city and are now fully nomad.

François, 31

François is a computer engineer who has created a Property Management Software 4 years ago for his own company. He was living in London for 4 years and before that has been moving around a lot. Born in Alsace, France, raised in French Polynesia then in la Réunion. Back to South of France and Paris for his studies.
He is coming from a (very) big family and has 6 brothers and sisters!

How to define him in 3 sentences ?

François likes to meet new people. He loves to play board games. He hates to stay in the same place for too long. 

Francois relaxing and checking twitter in Costa Rica

Alexandra, 28

Alexandra studied law in Paris but then realised this would probably prevent her from seeing the world as she planned. Thus, she shifted to Hospitality, spent a year in Switzerland at Les Roches, followed by an internship in Four Season Resort Chiang Mai, in Thailand. She now works in Paris as a Product manager for a company managing properties in short term rental. 
She comes from a big family as well, with two older sisters and a younger brother. In her parents’ house on week-end, it’s crowded: two cats, two dogs and two nephews running around!

How to define her in 3 sentences ? 

Alexandra wakes up (too) early in the morning. She loves animals and especially dogs and lion. She hates rude people.

On top of the Empirate State Building – New-York City

We have met at work and spend every second of everyday together, and we are not bored of each other yet. 
Together, we are travelling the world. And when we cannot, we are in Paris, discovering some new restaurants every week, hiking on Sundays and spending our evenings watching plays in the French theatres.

We work remotely half of the time, so it makes it is very easy for us to just book a flight and take off for Costa Rica for 3 weeks

Francois and Alexandra snorkling in Porquerolles island, South of France.
Snorkeling in Porquerolles, South of France

Why have we started this blog ? 

We work in the hospitality industry and are very keen about travel and tourism. We have always loved to share our tips, good addresses and talk about our trips and experiences. Alexandra also loves to take photographies and we got a drone two years ago, which has given us a whole new perspective and has allowed us to make some beautiful videos. And we love to share all that to our fellow travellers, friends and family!


[viʀvɔlt  ] Noun in French

To whirl, to spin

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