A week-end in Trouville-Deauville, Normandy, France

Alexandra has spent part of every summers of her entire life in Trouville-Deauville. Unsurprisingly, it is one of her favorite place in the World, and in our opinion an amazing place to spend a week-end away from Paris.

Trouville is more an old fishing village but is getting more and more trendy every year. On the other hand, Deauville is fancy, full of luxury shops and cars, and nicknamed the « XXIe arrondissement » of Paris. It is two very different vibes you will feel during your week-end.

Deauville beach
Deauville beach
Trouville-sur-Mer beach
Trouville-sur-Mer beach
Cabins in Trouville-sur-Mer
Cabins in Trouville-sur-Mer

How to get to Trouville-Deauville ?

From Paris, getting to Deauville is very easy and quick, that is why so many Parisians spend every week-end there.

How to get to Trouville-Deauville by Train from Paris

From Paris – Train station Paris Saint-Lazare (subway station to get to Saint Lazare: line 3, 12, 13, 14).
Several trains per day to Trouville-Deauville. Direct train takes about 2h, and trains with connections takes up to 2h50.
If booked in advance, with discount card, prices start from 14 euros one way.

How to get to Trouville-Deauville by car

From the center of Paris, it will take you 2h20 to reach Trouville-Deauville on normal time through the road A13 (200km). Be aware that on Friday evenings and Sunday evenings, traffic is quite high from and to Paris. Make sure to leave early if you can!

Do you need a car in Trouville-Deauville ?

No, you don’t. Everything is walking distance within Trouville and Deauville and to reach near-by cities, there are buses and trains very often.
However, if you plan to explore more of Normandy you will definitely need a car to get around. While in Normandy, you can also travel to Brittany, another amazing region of France!

View of Trouville-sur-Mer on a sunny day
View of Trouville-sur-Mer on a sunny day

Where to eat in Trouville-Deauville ?

Villa Gypsy (65 rue des bains, Trouville sur Mer 
du mercredi au dimanche | 10h30 – 18h)
– Our absolute favorite in Trouville and Deauville for multiple reasons: the food is fresh and delicious (and not too expensive for the area), the staff is kind (you will notice it’s quite rare there) and there is a lifestyle shop in the coffeeshop with some gorgeous decoration and super gifts ideas. The only sad part is: you need to resist not to buy (and eat) everything!
More information here

Dupont (avec un thé) (20 place Morny, Deauville
02 31 88 20 79)
As advertised on their website, to brunch at Dupont is a lot about to see and to be seen. Don’t go to the one in Trouville (the spot is bad, the view is not so good, and the atmosphere inside is not that great) but to the one in Deauville, place Morny. It’s very busy, especially on weekends, so wake up early if you want to be sited, especially ou the terrace. Be aware, it can expensive for what you get! But it is an institution and also still a very nice spot to have a brunch in Deauville.

Café de Paris (12 Place Morny 14800 Deauville – Mon-Sun 7am-11pm) For a breakfast, lunch, coffee, drink, dinner, the Café de Paris is always open, with a very large terrace (heated, in winter). It’s a mytical brasserie in Deauville. They serve decent seasonal food and fresh fish. Just next to Dupont (avec un thé).
More information here https://www.cafedeparis-deauville.fr

Les Vapeurs (160 boulevard Fernand Moureaux, 14360 Trouville-sur-Mer, Deauville, France+33 2 31 88 15 24). Truly an institution in Trouville. A huge brasseries on the banks, just before the beach. The atmosphere is quite atypical and feels out of time. Service is quite bad and the food is decent only if you choose seafood or fish.

Les Quat’ Chats (8 rue d’Orléans, 14 360 Trouville – 02 31 88 94 94. Open on Thursday night and from Fri for lunch until Sun night). It used to be Alexandra’s favorite place to eat as their meat was really delicious. We had a very bad experience there with a waiter and did not come back since then. It was about a year ago, maybe service has improved, we should try again next time we go there). Anyway, service has never been outstanding, but the food was definitely very good (and expensive). They also have a bar just in front of the restaurant, if you want to finish your meal with a nicely prepared cocktail.

Chez Paulette (20 rue des Bains, 14360 Trouville-sur-Mer, Deauville) We are big fans of tapas, when they are good, which is not so often. At Paulette’s, the very nice staff offers you a nice selection of succulent tapas, accompanied with a very good wine selection. Come early, spots on the terrace are very rare, but definitely the best ones!

At the fish market in Trouville (Boulevard Fernand Moureaux 14 360 Trouville-Sur-Mer, Trouville-sur-Mer) This one is a little unusual, however the experience is very nice. Just pick one of the fish stands and choose what you want to eat. Sit on the tables in front and you will be served your seafood with some lemon and homemade mayonnaise. Very original (and tasty) idea for seafood lovers. Fish is always freshly fished.

Crêperie du Port (30 Boulevard Fernand Moureaux, 14360 Trouville, Deauville, France+33 2 31 88 18 60) You cannot go to Normandy and not eat at least one crêpe. However, we have tried many around and usually we are disappointed, they are never very good. The Crêperie du Port is the best one we have tried so far, the menu is good (try « La Montagnarde »...) the staff is nice and the food is good. And, for once, it’s cheap!

Typical house from Normandy
Typical house from Normandy

What to do in Trouville-Deauville ?

Go to the beach. You will see the very famous parasols of Deauville and beach tents in Trouville. Deauville beach is more famous but usually very crowned. Trouville beach is much more charming, with the typical mansions from Normandy on the right, all the way until you reach the « Roches Noires ».

Go to the pool in Trouville (Les Planches ‘Promenade Savignac’
14360  Trouville-sur-Mer)
Just next to the beach in Trouville, you will find the famous pool of Trouville. There are one outdoor pool and one indoor pool, perfect when the beach is too windy.
Find timetables and prices here

Go to the casino (Rue du Maréchal Foch 14360 Trouville and 2 rue Edmond Blanc 14800 Deauville) Forbidden in Paris, you will find a casino in every big thermal station in France. Make sure you do not wear sneakers and that you bring your passport with you (even if you look 60, they need to check if you are not banned from playing, so you will need an official ID every time). Atmosphere in casinos is quite exceptional, it worth to feel it at least once! Our tip: just bring a little cash and set that you will not play with more than that, unless of course you win the jackpot! Alexandra played 20 euros once and won 200 euros, not bad!
More information about both casinos here

Go to the spa. The Cures marines has recently been renovated and looks gorgeous now! You can have massages and different types of skincare and body cares. You will have the choice between different formulas and access to the pools, the jacuzzis, the sauna and the gym. There is as well a restaurant and hotel, but we have not tested them yet. More information here

Wander (and shop) in Deauville. Everything is open on Sunday, and the streets in Deauville are very cute and looks a little like Disneyland. Many shops are really luxurious ones: Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Ralph Lauren, so it may not be the best deals to make. However, during winter and summer sales, we always go to shop at Sandro, Claudie Pierlot and Maje to get some great discounts on expensive brands, away from the crowded Paris.

Have a drink on the beach in Deauville. During summer, you can go all the way on the beach in Deauville to have a drink on the beach, feet in the sand, to watch the sunset. Only one drink though, as it’s very overpriced. But the view is worth it!

Rent a Rosalie. You will see many of these « cycling cars » around and it’s a great way to discover the area without polluting, to have some fun with your friends and to do some cardio at the same time!
Where to rent one ? Les Trouvillaises, place Foch in Trouville. More information here

Beach scenery - Near Deauville
Beach scenery – Near Deauville

The American film festival in Deauville


The festival takes place in September, for 10 days every year since 1975 and is focusing only on American movies. Hollywood is really coming to Deauville (Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Robert De Niro and many more have come many times already) to compete, and let amateurs like us takes part of it! You will have the chance to see many premieres of the upcoming year (movies that will be out in months in cinema in France) and all the indepent movies competing for the jury prize.

It’s quite an event around and we try to go every year, at least one or two days. We watch up to 6 movies a day and we have seen great movies there already, such as Puzzle, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Captain Fantastic, Whiplash…. And a woman told us she is coming every year since 1975 and she has seen the premiere of the very first Star Wars! Can you believe that ?

Price: 30 euros per day. Half price for students and senior. Some discount if you are here for the entire festival are available.
Next one is (hopefully) the 46th, September 4th to 13th, 2020

45th Deauville American films festival
45th Deauville American films festival

What to do nearby Trouville-Deauville

Hike to Honfleur. Honfleur is a well known fishing village in Normandy, famous for its buildings from the 15th and 16th century. Very picturesque, you do not want to miss it.

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The hike to get there is just straight from Trouville beach all the way to Honfleur, on the beach. Make sure you go at low tide, or your feet will get wet. It’s 4 hours one way, we went back by bus. You will see some not so common scenery for a hike and when the weather is not too hot in summer (it’s never too hot in Trouville anyway), it’s perfect!
You can also go to Honfleur directly by bus, but then once you reach Honfleur, your whipped cream and nutella crêpe at la Cidrerie (26 Place Hamelin, 14600 Honfleur) is not as well deserved.
Find the bus schedule here

(Don’t) bike to Cabourg.
Last summer, we wanted to go to Cabourg, another very famous town in Normandy. We did not know if it was better to go by train (about 20 minutes) or by bike, so we ask the guy renting bikes in Trouville. He told us it was an easy one, only 1 hour away by bike. Obviously, he had no idea about it. It was terrible (and dangerous!) most of the way. It mostly on départementale roads with car driving really fast, up and downs all the way.
We finally made it to Cabourg, 4 hours later, completely exhausted, and we were not fast enough so we missed the train we wanted to take on the way back. Time was running out to enjoy Cabourg that much and as we missed the train we already had to go back not to come back in the dark. We laughed a lot and at the end really enjoyed this day together, and we saw the very beautiful coast but we are not crazy enough (or mean enough) to advice anyone to bike to Cabourg, just take the train, it’s really easy from Trouville-Deauville train station.

Visit Houlgate
. On our way to Cabourg, we stopped in Houlgate. I had no idea this town was so beautiful and the landscapes so impressive. We really want to go back there soon to spend more time there (and probably some more drone, as the sights from above were spectacular and unexpected in Normandy!).

Bike to visit the beaches nearby
. Don’t bike to Cabourg, but bike to the small towns after Deauville and visit the beaches! They are way less crowded because not as accessible than Trouville-Deauville, that’s a very quite alternative.

Caen Memorial Museum. Let’s not forget about what happened in Normandy 80 years ago, on the D-Day: on June 6th, 1944, the Allied Forces of America, Britains, Canada, and France attacked Germany on the coast of Normandy. They won and has changed the course of History for WWII.
More practical information here.
If you walk on the beaches in Normandy, you may often find some bunkers, and in Arromanches many shell holes. Go and find more about this fascinating part of History in Caen Memorial Museum!
How to get there ?
By car: 
coming from Paris on the A13 or from Rennes on the A84, take Northbound ringroad, exit n°7
By bus: no.2 from the city centre. Easy access for disabled people.

Our bucket list in Normandy

We have seen a lot in the area already but still have some places we still have to see or to try.

Michelin Stars Restaurants: 1912 restaurant in Trouville (boulevard de la Cahotte | Dans l’Hotel Cures Marines, 14360) with some set menus defined around the Elements or l‘Essentiel in Deauville (29 rue Mirabeau, Deauville, 14800) for a french cuisine of fish with some Asian inspiration.

Visit le Havre. We heard that it is not the cutest town in Normandy but apparently is worth to be seen. Totally rebuilt after WWII, it is very particular and you can visit there the Witness House and wander in the Hanging Gardens. If we go by bike this time again, we will let you know how dangerous it is and if you should definitely not do it as well.

Houlgate beach from above (Mavic Pro 2 drone)
Houlgate beach from above (Mavic Pro 2 drone)
A beach in Normandy
A beach in Normandy

To conclude, we really love going to Normandy for a week-end or even for longer. We cannot wait to go back there once lockdown is over, and we hope this article has inspired you to go there as well and to enjoy the place at its most! If you know the area, do not hesitate to let us know what you like to do there, and which places are your favourites ones.

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    Great article on Deauville-Trouville! Can’t wait to go when we can…

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    It is great that you got to take a trip out to Trouville-Deauville for a weekend! I love the beach vibes. It is great that there are lots of food places to check out! Love that there are lots of activities to do too. You can never go wrong with a spa. Thanks for sharing all of the exciting adventures! Glad you had lots of fun!
    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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      Francois Lavie
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      Thank you Nancy! Hope you will visit Trouville as well soon 🙂

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    I’ve been to Paris with friends a few years ago but I am the type who wanted to explore more of nature. I was supposed to go to Aix-les-bains with my husband this year but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I am happy to read more post like this about France.

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      Thank you Katrina! I am said to read that you trip got cancelled, Aix and its area is one of the most beautiful place in France and is definitely worth a visit!
      Deauville and Normandy in general is beautiful and offers gorgeous nature: beaches, cliffs and fields everywhere.
      I hope you will be able to visit soon once all of this is over.

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    Honfleur est un véritable petit bijou à ne pas manquer et beaucoup d’autres sites en Normandie

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    I’ve always wanted spend a week exploring the Normandy region. Like you, can’t wait until I get a chance. Honfleur especially looks beautiful but I’m not so sure about that 4 hour walk….

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    Normandy looks like a beautiful place to spend some time in the summer. I’ve always wanted to visit for the history, but all those beaches are beautiful and look like a great place to relax. Also, your photos in this post are stunning – they make me want to go visit right now!

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      Thank you Becky! The history as well, while we did not cover it so much in this article is extremely interesting. Most of the beaches from d-days can be visited easily as well – they are impressive.

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    It looks lovely and can see why Alexandra loves it there, it must bring back amazing memories. I’d want to do the hike to Honfleur (such a cute place) but would return by bus, as you did, as I don’t think I could do an 8 hour hike!

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      Thank you Wendy – That’s a great walk, better to return by bus otherwise you may have to run (fast) with the tide! Some of the trail is under water if you are not careful about time 🙂

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    Kevin | Cocktails and Carry-Ons
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    Ahhh, I sooo want to go here and your photos are quite luring!! I have actually never been but have talked about meeting family there. It’s so beautiful!

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      December 10, 2020 at 6:02 pm

      Thank you Kevin – I think, as you like Alsace, you will also love it there! The houses and villages are very picturesque along the coast, it is a perfect place to meet family and enjoy some traditional crêpes!

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    What a beautiful post on a place I know nothing about! I was supposed to go to hon fluer a few years ago but then my plans changed. Who knew the whole region was just so stunning and gorgeous. And those beaches!!

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      Thank you Lanni! That’s only a little piece of Normandy, Deauville and Trouville are probably the most visited area because there is a direct train from Paris. We’ll cover the rest in articles in the future, stay tuned 🙂

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